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Motorcycle Dealer Warranty

Discover the leading self-funded motorcycle dealer warranty.
We can help put you in control of your warranty, and help you profit from the quality of the bikes you sell.

Our motorcycle warranty is a self-funded warranty solution, designed to help used motorcycle dealers profit from the quality of the bikes they sell.

We put you in control of your motorcycle warranty and aftersales experience. Rather than pay premiums to a third party warranty company and receive nothing back, you keep your warranty premiums in-house and keep 100% of the expired warranty claims fund surplus.

Why hand your customer over to a third party warranty company who have a vested interest in your premium? Then, in the event of a rejected claim, will turn your customer away unhappy and back to you? Our motorcycle warranty puts you in control. It is also managed on your behalf by a company who have been in the motor trade since 1984.

  Self-Funded Motorcycle Dealer Warranty
Motorcycle Dealer Warranty Features
  • Two comprehensive cover levels.
  • Register your warranty online and print within seconds.
  • Clearly worded customer paperwork, written in plain english.
  • 3 to 36 month periods available.
  • You decide individual and aggregate claim limits.
  • Unlimited claims within your specified individual and aggregate claim limits.
  • Claims managed by experienced UK based technicians.
  • You decide if you want to cover a rejectable claim.
  • Diagnostic and parts/labour costs including on valid claims.
  • Enhance your cover level with full UK rescue & recovery add-on.
  • Choose to include vehicle hire on valid claims.
  • Choose to offer additional sat nav/audio cover on valid claims.

Self-Funded Motorcycle Dealer Warranty
100% Expired Warranty Profit Return
In the last 12 months, motor dealers using Crystal Clear Warranty shared over £1.23million in expired warranty profits through our 100% profit return policy. Also, unlike traditional warranties where you pay a premium and never see that money again, our warranty enables you to keep the claims fund in your own accounts.
Complete Warranty Claims Control
Crystal Clear Warranty gives you complete authority over your warranty claims. This means you can decide to cover a failed part that is not listed on your warranty. This benefit, unique to Crystal Clear Warranty, gives you the opportunity to exceed customer expectations by covering an item that other warranty companies might reject.
Industry Leading Support
With Crystal Clear Warranty, you receive support that is second to none in the motor trade. For over 33 years, we have championed the best interests of our motor dealers, ensuring they can deliver a warranty that meets the high expectations of their customers.
Watch our Video Series and discover how Crystal Clear Warranty can support your customer values, and deliver new profit to your business.
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What's the difference between an insured motorcycle dealer warranty, compared to a self-funded warranty?
  Traditional Motorcycle Dealer Warranty

The Money
Traditional insured warranties require you to purchase a warranty from a third party company. Say, for example, you buy a warranty for £150. This hands over all the "risk" (and your customer) to the warranty company.

If something goes wrong with the bike the warranty company handles the claim and your customer. They have complete authority to accept or reject that claim. Remember the warranty company has a vested interest to retain as much of your money as possible by rejecting claims.
Traditional Motorcycle Dealer Warranty
  Self-Funded Motorcycle Dealer Warranty

The Money
Instead of paying £150 to someone else, you 'retain' that £150 into your own accounts. We do not hold onto your money.

With every bike sale, you put a designated "funding" into your own accounts to accumulate a pot of money. So, for example, you sell 10 vehicles a month and put aside £150 for each, you've just accumulated 1,500 to cover claims.

Admin Fee
You pay a small admin fee for each warranty you register. This is our only cost to you. For that you receive the most trusted hands in the business supplying self-funded warranties for over 33 years. You'll also receive a dedicated Claims Team, detailed monthly reports, access to our online agreement system, client support, staff training, and more.

In the event of a claim your customer will call us. Our dedicated Claims Team will work on your behalf and contact you before rejecting any claim. We will give you the opportunity to authorise the claim if you feel it's in your best interest.
Self-Funded Motorcycle Dealer Warranty

Self-Funded Motorcycle Dealer Warranty
Turn your motorcycle warranty into a new profit stream.

Our self-funded motorcycle dealer warranty model which we pioneered back in 1984 is still in use today, and is a proven success over third-party warranty schemes. Branded under the Crystal Clear Warranty brand, our motorcycle dealer warranty can boost your cash flow, and create a new profit stream for your business. To find out how our self funded warranty differs to traditional third party warranties, have a look at our warranty comparison page which outlines the benefits of both types of programme.

Crystal Clear Warranty
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Established in 1984, we are the pioneers of used car dealer self-funded warranty. The Crystal Clear Warranty helps used car dealers take control of their warranty and aftersales experience, and allows them profit from the quality of the vehicles they sell.

If you're frustrated with your current warranty provider, call us today on 01522 515600, or click to read more about our warranties.

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