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Over 33 years helping UK motor dealers take control and profit from their warranty.

Are you pouring money into buying in warranties, and not getting the service you were promised? Take control and discover a new profit stream with Crystal Clear Warranty.

Crystal Clear Warranty is the original self-funded dealer warranty, established 1984, offering you a range of unique dealer benefits including:
  • A new profit opportunity giving you 100% return on expired warranty claims surplus.
  • Total control over any warranty claim.
  • Free UK rescue and recovery with every warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Free legal helpline with expert advice on any legal issue.
  • Your choice of warranty support level to suit your needs and budget.
  • Dedicated Claims Management and Administration working upon instruction.

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For advice on warranties and to discover how Crystal Clear Warranty can benefit your business and your customers - call 01522 515600 today.
Some of the most trusted dealers benefit from Crystal Clear Warranty.
Watch our Video Series and discover how Crystal Clear Warranty can support your customer values, and deliver new profit to your business.
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Download your free warranty pack and discover how our warranty solutions can benefit your business and your customers. Crystal Clear Warranty helps some of the largest dealer groups in the UK to profit from their warranty, and take control of their aftersales process. Would you like to talk with one of our team? Call us on 01522 515600 for free advice, and discover how we can help you take control of your warranty.
Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Home of the Crystal Clear Warranty. Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Established 1984.
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About Warranty Administration Services Ltd
Established in 1984, we are the pioneers of used car dealer self-funded warranty. The Crystal Clear Warranty helps used car dealers take control of their warranty and aftersales experience, and allows them profit from the quality of the vehicles they sell.

If you're frustrated with your current warranty provider, call us today on 01522 515600, or click to read more about our warranties.

Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Established 1984.
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